Packaged Units in Will County

If you could benefit from more space inside the home, we have the answer for you! A packaged HVAC system provides comfortable indoor air no matter the season and is designed to keep the pieces of a common split system into one compact cabinet. Installation is a breeze in almost any residence, located outside your home or fitted to your roof! You’ll be able to take your indoor space and find a better use!

Packaged units contain all of the components in one location outside of the home. In comparison to traditional air conditioners and furnaces, packaged units provide more space in your house. Maintenance is also easier because all the HVAC components are in the same location. And since the packaged system is outside, you’re not as likely experience noise when it’s operating. One of the potential downsides is that the packaged units are more prone to damage from the outdoor environment, since everything is exposed during harsher weather conditions.

There are four types of packaged units to consider:

  • Packaged AC: This involves an air conditioner and an air handler. If you would also like to have access to a little bit of warmth, you can also add a heat strip.
  • Packaged Heat Pump: The packaged heat pumps include a heat pump and air handler. This option is best for people in milder climates.
  • Packaged Gas-Electric: Another option is the packaged gas-electric units that provide an air conditioner along with a gas furnace.
  • Packaged Dual Fuel: This option offers the ability to have a heat pump, but addresses concerns for colder climates that need the benefits of a gas furnace.


As with any HVAC system, we know the importance of both energy efficiency and the potential costs. Which is why we carry a selection of models to ensure we meet the needs of your home and you feel comfortable with the cost.

If you would like to explore packaged units, give PWA Heating & Cooling Inc a call at 815-410-1231to discuss the benefits of a packaged unit and if it’s the right fit for you. Our experts can provide consultation to help make a recommendation and give you an estimate.

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